Sunday, October 3, 2010

Greg Giraldo dead

Comedian, Greg Giraldo 44, passed away at the Robert Wood Johnson University hospital at New Jersey on Wednesday.
The comic was scheduled to make an appearance at the Governor’s Long Island Comedy Club on Friday. Since his passing the scheduled appearance was turned into a memorial in his absence.
This heart breaking news came after the comedian was hospitalized for an accidental overdose on prescribed medication. Giraldo was found by police in his room at a Hyatt Hotel located at New Brunswick on Saturday, missing his scheduled performance at the Stress Factory.
A decision rendered by Giraldo’s family, who was on life support for 5 days, removed the actor from life support, according to Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ). A close friend and comic, Jim Norton reported the news when he took a photo Greg and himself with a message saying, “RIP buddy.” Louie, another friend of his, put a message on twitter saying, “Greg Giraldo was a good guy.”
The producers of “The Last Comic” standing issued a statement saying, “Greg was one of the most talented comedians of our time. He was truly brilliant. His work will surely continue to influence and inspire us. We will miss our friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”
Giraldo was a graduate of Columbia University as well as Harvard University. He obtained a law degree from Harvard but later decided to pursue standup comedy.
The comedian was a repeat guest on Howard Stern show, Conan O’Brian, David Letterman and participated on the Roast circuit aired on Comedy central.
During an interview with Howard Stern, Giraldo admitted to an early addition to alcohol.
However, friends and family say the overdose was accidental.
Greg Giraldo was divorced with three kids. Funeral arrangements have not been disclosed to the public.